About the Nexus Keycode category

Information about integrating Nexus Keycode as a PAYG metering system into your PAYG device.

Integrating Nexus Keycode is the fastest way to ensure that a device will be compatible and supported on the Angaza platform, and many device/platform integration requirements are met ‘automatically’ by using Nexus Keycode to manage PAYG credit on the device.

Once Nexus Keycode is integrated into a product, and Nexus API is used during device provisioning, the device is salable on any PAYG CRM (including Angaza’s Hub), which also allows migration of the device between different sales platforms (if a distributor chooses to change sales platforms for any reason). Using Nexus Keycode enables the product to be sold on any PAYG CRM, even ones that don’t exist yet today, without manufacturers needing to do anything to enable that functionality beyond initial factory provisioning.