Claimed Unit via Nexus attempt to register to Angaza Hub?

Hello All,

How do we handle situations whereby a unit (74699745) was already claimed on Nexus but a customer is attempting to have it registered on Angaza Hub. The unit seems to be on an external platform.


You are right that this unit has already been claimed by another PAYG platform, which is why it cannot be registered on Angaza. A Nexus unit can only be claimed by a single PAYG platform at a time. To fix this problem, the PAYG platform that has claimed this unit needs to first unclaim the unit.

While the Nexus API unit_claim POST method could show you that this unit is already claimed, it does not show you which PAYG platform claimed it. We cannot expose this information publicly on the API at this time to protect the privacy of the PAYG platforms, so I have followed up with you privately with this information.

I’ve also taken a note to look into improving the usability of unit_claim, perhaps by exposing a GET method that would allow easy querying of whether or not a list of units are already claimed by any PAYG platform.

For others reading this post: at this time if a Nexus unit is already claimed by another PAYG platform, raising a support ticket with Angaza is the way to go.