Distributor app

We have downloaded the Nexus software to integrate with our hardware.we want to enable our SHS products with Angaza PayGo software.
Now may i know: In the future, when we sell our SHS enabled with your paygo software, will you offer Andriod or Apple version Paygee App to us?In the form of source code? Concerning that we need to offer the software to customers for application.


If you integrate the Nexus Keycode library and program the device with the Angaza-provided Nexus ID and secret key, then you can use the device on Angaza PAYG platform or on Paygee. Paygee will need to access our API to claim the device before starting to use it.

We don’t know anything about the Paygee app and what it supports, please follow up with Paygee on that one.