SET_CREDIT=0 keycode is not applied after UNLOCK keycode

We received this good question from a manufacturing partner. They did the following:

  1. generated a SET_CREDIT=0 keycode
  2. generated an UNLOCK keycode
  3. entered the UNLOCK keycode and showed that the unit became UNLOCKED
  4. entered the SET_CREDIT=0 keycode, but the Nexus Keycode Library called nxp_keycode_feedback_start(NXP_KEYCODE_FEEDBACK_TYPE_MESSAGE_VALID) instead of requesting to set the device PAYG credit to 0.

This is expected behavior. After UNLOCK and SET_CREDIT=0 keycodes are successfully applied, they prevent older keycodes from being applied. Because the SET_CREDIT=0 keycode was generated first, it is older. The expected UI feedback is VALID to indicate that the older keycode is valid for this unit, but didn’t have any effect on the PAYG credit.

Nexus Keycode behaves this way because a SET_CREDIT=0 keycode is usually sent at the beginning of a new loan. In this case we want to prevent any older keycodes from having any effect to prevent fraud risk. UNLOCK is usually sent at the end of a loan, so again we don’t want any older keycodes to have an effect. Only the PAYG platform should have the control to re-lock a unit, if for example this unit is re-sold.

Hi Eric,

Due to the problem of set 0 code, we need to be able to get the code to test our updated software, but after I entered the solar run account, I found that the function of generation code retrieval was cancelled in the background. Please help confirm it; in addition, our account has been There is no set 0 code function, we need to test the function with it , please help to set it up, thank you


In the “Products” tab in the Hub, you should be able to see a “Reset” button. This will generate a SET_CREDIT=0 keycode. I’ve attached a screenshot.


Thanks very much, Please help to check my account‘s authority, I can not get the reset function from the product .

Please share your Skye if possible, I can share it more detail if possible, My skype:ricky19800926


Please check again, this has been updated and you should be able to see it. Your account was not configured properly to see it.

In the future, we hope to make this easier by providing some tools that you could use from the command line or your browser, rather than using the Angaza Hub.



Thanks Eric!
I can see it now .

Best Regards